Dr. D a v i d   W i l l e t t,  M D, P A 
                                Dr. C a r l i n  W i l l e t t, DNP (Doctor Nurse Practitioner)


 Welcome to my weight loss program. My goal is to help you regain healthy eating habits and improve your physical fitness, health, and well being.


You must have a BMI greater than 25 to receive any controlled weight loss medications. 

(Calculate your BMI HERE)

 To effectively lose weight, you need to be consistent with reducing calories. 

You must have a valid South Carolina Driver's license to receive weight loss medications. (A state issued ID may NOT be used.)  

You need be compliant with my recommendations. Weight loss medications are only an aid to the overall weight reduction experience. 

Summary of Program

On your first visit, a friendly staff greets you and records your BMI and Vital Signs. Dr. Willett visits with you, and together, you determine if you may benefit from the weight loss program. Among other topics, obesity, physical fitness, nutrition, behavior modification, medications, and exercise will be discussed. B12 injections may be an aid in weight reduction and are offered.

Dr. Willett only uses FDA-approved weight loss medications. No weight loss medications are kept in the office. You may take your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. A SC driver's license is required for Weight Loss Medications unless a documented medical disability precludes having a driver's license. 
If this program is a good match for you, you will be given a personalized program and a follow-up appointment for monitoring.
Simple Equation for Weight Loss: Reduce Calories IN and Increase Calories OUT 

Free Website recommended to assist in your weight loss journey   
Mission Statement

*** It is our commitment to provide excellent quality Medical care in a safe and secure environment.***

About Dr. David and Dr. Carlin Willett... 

Dr. David Willett graduated from East Tennessee State University Medical School in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Dr. David Willett is a graduate of the Self Regional Health Care Family Medicine Program in Greenwood, South Carolina completing a 3 year residency program in Family Medicine. 

Dr. Carlin Willett graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina and did a 
Residency in Family Medicine.

• Dr. David, Dr. Carlin Willett and staff are experienced in Obesity Medicine (Weight Loss) and Family Medicine. Dr. David & Dr. Carlin Willett are members of the Obesity Medicine Association.