D a v i d   W i l l e t t,   M D, P A

  ( Lunch 12:00-1:00pm)  

  5 B East Owens Lane 
  Mauldin, South Carolina 29662 

  Tel 864-288-4765 
(Call Kim, Marla, or Rebekah.)

New Patient Weight Loss Information Sheet

 ...Print and give your completed form to the Receptionist at your 1st visit... 

 B a r i a t r i c  (Weight Loss)  M e d i c i n e 
              Primary Care M e d i c i n e 
                                         Phone:  864-288-4765

                       ...Accepting New Patients...

  Call for an appointment. We will schedule you ASAP. We look forward to meeting you! 
                               *** B12 shots are available for a reasonable price***
Corner of Owens Lane and Butler Rd next door to CJ's (formerly Tony's)Pizza, Mauldin, SC, USA
INSURANCE : We do not file insurances. As a courtesy, we are happy to give you an itemized receipt for you to submit, with your claim form, to your Insurance Company.  Your insurance company determines whether or not your medical service is covered. Neither Dr Willett's office NOR you can legally file Medicare and Medicaid.
Dr. Willett's office is HIPAA Omnibus Privacy Practice compliant.
          Notice of Privacy Practices Available at our office.